The BANG BANG (Jérôme Foucaud and his sidekicks) has captured the seventies’ gangster world created by SPAGGIARI, a hideout mixing friendliness and mockery
In this place with a signboard marked café, pizzeria and cocktail bar, blood is nothing but a delicious tomato sauce.
No weapon, no hatred, no violence.

Not really a bank nor a safe house.

A former bank turned into an Italian deli was the ideal spot for SPAGGIARI.
In the « thriller” atmosphere, of this lively stage, many faces cross each other’s from early morning to very late evening.
Whether for a coffee at the crack of dawn, a salad or pizza for lunch, a tea, mulled wine or an afternoon crepe, pre drink amongst friends on the terrace or at the bar, rendez-vous at SPAGGIARI.

Kitchen hold-up

It is not a hail of bullet over SPAGGIARI but traditional tomato sauce on pizzas riddled with juicy black olives.
Truthful to its DNA and its style, SPAGGIARI through its table links the Alpes, Mediterranean sea, Nice and Italy.

SPAGGIARI’s menu offers in all simplicity culinary standards from Nice, Provence and Piedmont, southern dishes, healthy, precise and authentic just as we like : pesto soup, beef or artichokes carpaccio, niçoise salad or burrata and tomato, pizza or pissaladière (pissaladeria in Nice’s dialect), socca…

At nightfall, SPAGGIARI unveils a new aspect of its personality and attracts night owls with its several pastis varieties, selection of spirits and the good humour of its bartenders.

…BANG BANG: SPAGGIARI’s explosive cocktails never miss their target !



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